Every good trip is about good trip preparation and there is not much better preparation than fitting a Diesel Care Filtration kit to your 4wd.

A real issue when you're out in the bush is the quality of your fuel. If you get a bad dose of fuel in town or near home it doesn't matter so much, but when you're out in the bush you really do rely on the engine and the vehicle performing faultlessly so that's when you really want to have clean fuel in your vehicle and unfortunately in the bush that's the very place your more likely to cop contaminated fuel.

It could be through mistakes with jerry cans and the like, or simply through the sort of locations we like to travel. If a service station or an area has had some serious rain then a lot of water can actually find its way into those tanks. When the water finds it way in you can have all sorts of issues to your injector system and your fuel system because they really do rely on that fuel being just about perfect.

It's a wise idea to fit an additional water catching fuel filter before you undertake any remote travel. Pat Callinans preference is the Diesel Care Filtration system. What makes it stand out is the quality of the product, it has been properly made for new generation diesel 4wds and best of all it comes in a complete kit form. The Diesel Care filtration system has been designed not only to be high quality but to me quick and easy to install. The kit features the Fuel Manager Filter which is designed to remove fine particle matter and water from your fuel, the filters themselves are available in different lengths and micron levels which means there will be one to suit your 4wd. Also included is the custom made bracket to suit your specific vehicle. Installation instructions are there as well as all the diesel fittings needed. It is the complete kit.