BMW 530d F07 3.0L 190kW 6 Cyl.

Part Number: 220469


Upgrade your BMW 3.0L 6 Cyl. with a STEINBAUER Power Module.

Stock Power (kW): 190

Stock Torque (Nm): 560

Enhanced Power (kW): 228

Enhanced Torque (Nm): 672

One of the easiest ways to modify your engines performance is to install a STEINBAUER Power Module – a highly advanced, completely programmable electronic computer module. Where some other methods compromise your engine by pushing it too hard to meet the power gains promised. STEINBAUER can get you those gains without compromising safety. It uses technology to get results, not just tuning. The STEINBAUER Power Module has been developed following years of research and testing. It's been subject to rigorous quality control measures on a range of vehicles|in different environments and under a variety of working conditions.

More importantly STEINBAUER technology is based on a system that is independent from the ECU offering "Intelligent Power Module" technology backed by a dedicated and experienced development team. When you install a STEINBAUER Power Module the results will be recognised as soon as you tow that heavy load or put your foot down up a steep hill.

It is the most trusted and reliable performance upgrade on the market and it's amazing what can be achieved.

*Results dependent on but not limited to: individual driver habits and experience; vehicle handling; type of engine and standard manufacturers engine variables; total load weight and distribution; weather road and terrain conditions.

‘- Up to 20% More Power and Torque (Up to 25% More for many agriculture and truck applications)
– Precise fuel control
– No Interference with the original ECU
– No change in common rail pressure
– Ease of installation with original plug connectors
– Rigorously field tested worldwide (in all climate conditions)
– Largest application list worldwide
– Each module is individually mapped to the vehicle
– Built in safety feature
– Dust, vibration, moisture and heat resistant
– Automotive industry standard gold contacts and sealed connectors
– Driving with less gear changing
– Less fuel consumption when towing*
– Increased pulling power
– Simple, cost saving installation
– Advanced European technology, quality manufacturing and components
– Developed tested and manufactured in-house
– TUV Certification
– 3 year warranty with online product registration
– 30 Day Money back guarantee
– In house development with over 20 years experience in hardware and software
– Manufacturer technical support

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 20 cm

BMW 530d F07 3.0L 190kW 6 Cyl.