Ford Ranger MY22, V6 3.0L Primary Fuel Manager Fuel Filter Kit – Bracket Not Included – DCP068NB

Part Number: DCP068NB


Please note: This kit will not fit vehicles with an Overhead Switch Console.

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This Primary Fuel Manager Fuel Filter Kit is suitable for a: Ford Ranger MY22, V6 3.0L  and 4cyl 2.0L (Next Gen)

Year Model: 04/2022 – Current

Please note: This kit does not include a bracket. It is for installation on a vehicle that has previously had a Diesel Care Catch Can Kit part number DCC068 installed OR if these two kits are purchased together. It mounts both Catch Can and Fuel Filter on one bracket. If the two kits have been purchased together, the Catch Can Kit should be installed first.

Primary filters, sometimes called a pre filter are plumbed before the factory filter. Fuel passes through this relatively coarse filter first before continuing on to the vehicle’s factory installed filter, then to the high pressure pump. The filter media in a Diesel Care Fuel Manager primary fuel filter is rated at 30 micron.

Diesel Care Fuel Filter Kits offer Premium Protection for your diesel fuel Injection system.

The heart of the diesel engine is the fuel injection system. Water, microbial growth (algae) or fine particles of dirt can cause damage to the pump and injectors. Worn or malfunctioning injectors can even lead to engine damage or failure. The most effective way to safeguard against problems is to install an additional fuel filter either before or after the factory filter. Filtering fuel twice greatly reduces the chance of contamination reaching the injection system and can save a whole lot of headaches.


  • The 30 micron Filter effectively removes larger particulate matter
  • Effectively removes water from fuel
  • Prolongs the service life of the factory filter cartridge
  • Expensive repairs are prevented
  • Protects the fuel injection system
  • Ensures cleanliness of critical engine components
  • Helps maintain engine performance and efficiency


The Fuel Manager Primary (Pre) Fuel Filter has a removable filter cartridge element with a membrane that collects contaminants in diesel fuel. This element should be replaced periodically. The recommended frequency of change is every 20,000km or at the same time as you would your factory filter. The exception to this rule would be if you encountered contaminated fuel, in which case you should change the filters early.

The filter bowl should be visually checked for water and drained as required on a regular basis. Neglecting to drain water accumulation in the bowl may result in water entering the fuel injection system.

We recommend visually checking the bowl every 5,000km or earlier for your Ford Ranger MY22, V6 3.0L  or 4cyl 2.0L (Next Gen)

1 x 30 micron FUEL MANAGER Filter Assembly,

plumped BEFORE the factory filter and designed to efficiently remove particle matter and water from fuel

Custom designed vehicle specific bracket

Fuel hose, fittings, clamps and fixing hardware

Detailed D.I.Y. Installation Instructions

Weight 4.25 kg
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 17.5 cm

Ford Ranger 3.0L 184kW 6 Cyl.

Ford Ranger 2.0L Bi-Turbo 157kW 4 Cyl.

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