Filter Spanner Tool for Fuel Manager Filter Removal

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Our Filter Spanner tool is especially useful if you have installed the Diesel Care, Fuel Manager FM100 Fuel Filter kit, as servicing can sometimes be difficult. Challenges with changing or removing the fuel filter cartridge can be tricky and time consuming. In our experience, the issue usually arises because the filter is located in a hard to reach location and in an engine bay with a limited amount of space.

This Diesel Care custom designed tool is:

  • Made from high grade 6mm aluminium
  • Water jet cut for high accuracy (the profile is made to suit the Fuel Manager FM100 retaining collar)
  • Infinite position
  • 3/8 square

It even has a slot in which an extension bar can be inserted for those harder to reach places. There is really no better tool to remove a fuel filter cartridge than the filter spanner. Add it to your toolkit so you can service your Fuel Manager quickly and easily.

Diesel Care Filter spanner for Fuel Manager Filter Removal - animation



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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 1 cm