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Intake Manifold Cleaning Service

The intake system in your vehicle is just as important as it is for our human respiratory system. For a vehicle to run at its optimum performance a clean and clear intake is essential.

The process involves the intake of air, via the vehicles intake system where the air can be filtered. This filtered air is then distributed to other important parts of the engine.

Over time the buildup up of carbon deposits and soot will coat the intake manifold. Preventative maintenance is extremely important as a clogged air intake can really restrict the amount of air going into your engine and that can lead to loss of power and poor fuel economy.

Our team offers an intake cleaning service which involves cleaning all the valves, intake manifold, and combustion chambers.

We use a non harsh chemical cleaner called Pro Stream. It’s hydrocarbon free which means it won’t damage the inside of your engine. The pro stream cleaner is pumped at a high pressure through the air intake, this breaks down all the built-up carbon caused by exhaust gas recirculation then, all the carbon and cleaner are burnt off in the combustion process as the engine runs during the cleaning.

Intake clean

Intake cleaning benefits:

  • Improved vehicle efficiency.
  • Prevents carbon build-up
  • Prevents engine knocking
  • Power is restored
  • Performance is enhanced
  • Fuel economy is improved

If you have any questions regarding our intake cleaning service or to book your vehicle into one of our branches contact us.

To prevent build up in the future we recommend  installing a catch can kit for additional protection.

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What Our Customers Say

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