Diesel Care™ Provent® Catch Can Kits

Kit Contents

Mounting problems solved with everything included in the Diesel Care Catch Can Kits for an easy D.I.Y. install

  • Diesel Care™ Provent® oil mist separator
  • Vent hose, fittings, clamps and fixing hardware
  • Custom designed vehicle specific mounting bracket
  • Detailed D.I.Y. Installation Instructions


  • Substantially reduces deposits forming in the air intake
  • Prevents costly repairs
  • Helps maintain engine performance and efficiency
  • Critical engine components are kept clean
  • Oil buildup in intercoolers is prevented

Premium oil and water separator

The Importance of Fitting a Catch Can

Modern diesel engines suffer from a condition brought about by an emission control process called Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). In the EGR process some exhaust gases are piped to the air intake system, this modifies the combustion process thereby lowering Nitrous Oxide emissions produced. The hot exhaust gas contains carbon (soot) and other by-products of combustion that would not normally attach to the intake manifold if not for another emission control process called Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV).

Crankcase ventilation gases are also piped to the air intake system, this gas contains oil mist and water in the form of vapour. When the crankcase gases from CCV combine with the exhaust gases from EGR, the oil mist mixes with the soot particles to produce a mixture that attaches to the walls of the intake manifold. It’s the combination of the oil with soot that creates the problem. These deposits build up over time to a point where they severely restrict the flow of air, causing reduced performance and fuel efficiency.

Removing the deposits involves disassembly of the intake system from the engine, both time consuming and expensive. By installing an Oil Mist Separator, often called a Catch Can, the oil mist and water vapour are substantially removed from the combination thereby taking away the ingredient that allows the soot to stick. The result is that the build-up of deposits is GREATLY reduced.

Importance of Catch Can Display

Why we use ProVent® Oil and Mist Separators in our kits

Made by German manufacturer Mann+Hummel, the Provent® catch cans are high quality. The smart engineering that goes into the design of the Provent® offers highly efficient oil separation to provide ideal protection for your investment. They are a light, robust and compact design, with a substantial volume to catch oil and are exceptional for variable flow rates.

They also have an integrated safety feature against irregularly high crankcase pressure. Available in a variety of sizes depending on application, they are maintenance friendly and tested rigorously to ensure the quality of their performance.

Provent Oil & Mist Separator Display

Cleanliness equals efficiency

Protect your diesel engine from reduced performance, increased fuel consumption, and expensive repairs by preventing soot deposit build-up in the engine’s air intake manifold.

Oil mist entering your air intake from the crankcase ventilation system combined with exhaust gases from exhaust gas recirculation causes soot deposit build-up in modern diesel engines. Over time this vastly affects the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. A simple solution is to install a catch can. Diesel Care™ Provent® Catch Can Kits will make the job easy.

With Diesel Care™ Provent® Catch Can Installed

Catch can kit installation = Clean inlet manifold

Without Diesel Care™ Provent® Catch Can Installed

Contaminated inlet manifolds

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