Why Steinbauer?

It’s the most trusted and reliable performance upgrade on the market – It gets results!

We can always do with more performance and more torque from our common rail diesel engines.

One of the easiest ways to modify your engines performance is to install a STEINBAUER Power Module – a highly advanced, completely programmable electronic computer module.  Where some other methods  compromise your engine by pushing it too hard to meet the power gains promised, STEINBAUER can get you those gains without compromising safety.  It uses technology to get results, not just tuning.

The STEINBAUER PowerModule  is the original injector duration module, developed following years of research and testing and subject to rigorous quality control measures. It is the most trusted and reliable performance upgrade on the market and it’s amazing what can be achieved.

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Testing by the manufacturer and by Diesel Care locally, has confirmed the STEINBAUER PowerModule’s ability to achieve 20% more power and 20% more torque while still maintaining safe emission levels and exhaust temperatures.

In Agricultural and Truck applications up to 25% increases are achieved in certain applications.




One method often used to increase the performance of the new-generation common rail diesel engines is to increase fuel rail pressure by tricking the ECU with “fudged” signals from sensors. This can create abnormal stresses on fuel system components with consequent unreliability problems and the potential for major damage.

STEINBAUER modules don’t change rail pressure. The desired performance enhancement is achieved by changing injection duration, the same way the system was originally designed to operate. This also allows precise fuel control throughout the full rpm range of the engine.


STEINBAUER modules are designed to be installed easily. Original electrical connectors are employed to allow easy installation. With some general mechanical ability, our module can be installed by you.

Passenger Vehicle Installation Video



It’s a fact that STEINBAUER has the largest application list of any brand, worldwide. There are STEINBAUER Power Module applications for passenger cars, 4WD’s, trucks, agricultural tractors, & marine engines. If it’s powered by diesel, electronically controlled, it’s likely that STEINBAUER make a module to suite.

Every single STEINBAUER module is individually mapped to the vehicle – there’s no ‘one-size fits all’ type approach here and it’s done completely safe.







STEINBAUER advantages module inside view



Manufactured in Austria with the quality and attention to detail that you would expect from German engineering – the STEINBAUER development team are world class.

Individual pieces used in STEINBAUER Performance products are modeled using state of the art 3D printing and  STEINBAUER are able to produce their own PCB boards – enabling us to react to changes in the market rapidly with a team of hardware and software developers, dedicated to the  product range.

Rigorously field tested worldwide (In all climate conditions)

Every STEINBAUER module type is rigorously tested. For the vehicles sold in Australia, testing is done using Australian fuel and in Australian conditions. This testing is conducted by our experienced team at Diesel Care Australia.

Built in safety feature

STEINBAUER Modules are programmed to sense when your 4WD is working hard for a prolonged period (like towing up a long hill), and trim themselves back by 1% per second, until they are running at 50% capacity after one minute. This greatly reduces the risk of rising EGTs cooking your engine. Then, once your 4WD is running under less stress, the module kicks back into full capacity to give you maximum power, torque and economy. Traditional chips and tuning have no built in safety feature that can rival this!

TÜV Certification

Many STEINBAUER Performance Modules carry TÜV certification. TÜV is an internationally recognised, independent standards certification agency. TÜV certification provides full assurance of the quality and performance of the product to which it is attached. This is a major factor which separates the STEINBAUER product from all other products available in Australia.

Intimate knowledge and experience

STEINBAUER is the one product with one national distributor and one national dealer network. Diesel Care is the exclusive distributor of STEINBAUER for Australia and New Zealand and many of our dealers are either diesel or 4WD specialists with an intimate knowledge and many years of experience with diesel engines.


Your purchase is covered by a free 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.
It is a requirement that all products must be registered for the Extended 3 year Warranty within 90 days of purchase.
Register at www.steinbauerwarranty.com

Steinbauer extended 3 year warranty

STEINBAUER 30 day money back guarantee

30 Day Money back guarantee

STEINBAUER in house development

In house development

with over 18 years experience in hardware and software

STEINBAUER Manufacturer technical support

Manufacturer technical support

What is difference between STEINBAUER and other tuning methods?

We acknowledge that there are other products on the market that promise massive fuel savings and huge increases in power – so why are we different?

What we offer has been tested across the world, on different vehicles, in different environments and under different working conditions and we can provide real data to prove that our product actually works.

More importantly unlike many of our competitors our technology is based on a system that is independent from the ECU. We do not increase rail pressure, or re-flash ECU’s – we offer “Intelligent PowerModule” technology, backed by a dedicated development team and more than 18 years in the industry.

Hardware chip tuning - very dangerous and out of use

1) HARDWARE-CHIP TUNING: Original ECU Chip Flashing

Very dangerous and out of use. An out of date system where the original sealed ECU is opened and/or exchanged with a CPU chip or new software.

  • Breaking of the original warranty seal when opened
  • Soldering on the PCB board causes damage!Damaged ECU can be expensive: up to $2500 or more
  • Wrong programming increases risk of engine issues
  • Engine failure: worst case scenario
  • No possibility to return to stock. Chip tuning leaves marks
  • Lower resale value after chip tuning

Software chip tuning - flashing or downloader


Flashing or Downloader A simple altered software is installed on the on-board computer through the OBD terminal. (On Board Diagnostics port)

  • Increase of boost and common rail pressure
  • Error codes are deactivated
  • Limits of the sensor values are usually increased
  • Seldom backup of original software
  • Safety parameters are ignored - engine failure
  • During service, software is often recorded and deleted
  • Not an actual physical product. Can not be used elsewhere

Rail pressure electronic- primitive and cheap electronic


Primitive & Cheap Electronic A simplistic electronic that increases power by altering rail pressure outside the OE/manufacturers standard specifications.

  • Increase of boost and common rail pressure
  • Cheap parts and rarely waterproof
  • Simple installation via wiring loom
  • Integrated simple software
  • High load on the fuel system due to increase of fuel pressure & combustion temperature
  • Increased stress on engine components
  • Engine failure: worst case scenario

Steinbauer differences - power module

4) STEINBAUER PowerModule:

The healthy version An intelligent additional electronic module, that works just like an ECU. This is the worldwide long established STEINBAUER system.

  • Manufacturers safety settings remain in place
  • No change in common rail pressure
  • No interference with the original ECU
  • Ease of installation with original connectors
  • 3 year warranty on your STEINBAUER electronic module*
  • Field tested worldwide
  • OEM quality of the automobile industry
  • Perfect purpose built adjustment
* 1 year warranty with purchase. Warranty extended to 3 years upon registration.

STEINBAUER Testing and Dyno Results

When you install a STEINBAUER PowerModule the results will be recognised as soon as you tow that heavy load or put your foot down up a steep hill but to find out how much extra power and torque are you really getting from your vehicle we can measure the output at the wheels and compare the differences with the use of a dynamometre.

While it may be easy to bring a vehicle into one of our four branches for this testing its a little harder with ag machinery, so each year our experienced team visit Farmers across Australia, testing their various machinery to ensure the STEINBAUER PowerModule is working at its best.

See the results for yourself.

Diesel Care + STEINBAUER

Our partnership history

At Diesel Care Australia we take pride in our association with STEINBAUER as a distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our relationship with STEINBAUER started back in 2004, we travelled the world back then looking for a product that was suited to our industry and after approaching Steinbauer at the 2004 Automechanika Trade Exhibition in Germany we found a great quality product, from a dedicated team. Previously, we were doing performance chips on diesel and petrol vehicles, and while the product was fine, it was lacking in certain areas and the back up service was horrendous.

When Steinbauer said “we’re diesel only” it was music to our ears! So in Feb 2005 we travelled to STEINBAUER Headquarters  in Linz, Austria, met with Herbert Steinbauer and his team, and took on distribution rights in Australasia.

Over this long term partnership with STEINBAUER we have seen the already innovative STEINBAUER products change with the times and become a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of performance tuning.

Our Partnership History with Steinbauer

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Pat Callinan tests out the STEINBAUER Power Module

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The Real Injection Duration Module


STEINBAUER Installation on a 4WD


STEINBAUER Power Module installation – Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series

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What our customers say

Great car, Great Chip. Thanks guys for your advice and assistance with my second Steinbauer!
John Pfeffer - Chief Operating Officer, Exclusive Tyre Distributors Pty Ltd

What our customers say

It is amazing the difference the Chip has made to the drivability of our Diesel Forester now. It punched out of any corner I had lined up for… in essence it is a completely different vehicle. I feel it is now a far better Driver’s Car.
John and Lynda -

What our customers say

Very efficient, patient and knowledgeable – Its great to see an Australian rural company providing excellent service.
Mark - NSW

What our customers say

Wow what a difference the STEINBAUER Power Module has made to our 2016, 2.8L Toyota Fortuner. Its woken right up, it’s no longer sluggish and its impressive how well it tows now. This little black box is absolute magic!…it’s a completely different car to drive!
Kell and Caleb - Happy Go Travel

What our customers say

It is amazing the difference the Chip has made to the drivability of our Diesel Forester now. It punched out of any corner I had lined up for… in essence it is a completely different vehicle. I feel it is now a far better Driver’s Car.
John and Lynda -

What our customers say

Just a bit of an update on the Steinbauer Power Module. Very impressed with the difference to the Prado. The biggest change is to fuel consumption around town.
Peter - East Arm NT

What our customers say

I’m glad I signed up with you at the Sydney caravan & leisure show, as my Steinbauer Module has now been fitted to our NS Pajero and I’m well pleased with the results! Altogether a much better driving experience, both with and without the van on the back.
P.J.G - South Bowenfels, NSW

What our customers say

Had a Steinbauer Module fitted at Diesel Care Toowoomba I was very pleased with the service and overall result of the system installed, the increased power was evident on several occasions.
Laurie and Helen - Hervey Bay, QLD

What our customers say

Since a STEINBAUER Module was fitted to my 2006 Hyundai Terracan the engine was responsive from day one.
Ken Harris - Kialla, Victoria

What our customers say

Fitted my first Isuzu NPR 275 STEINBAUER module the other day, customer rang 2 hours after picking it up, his words “Bloody unbelievable”!
Klaus Mcghie - K & B Diesel Service

What our customers say

Just a follow up on this module I got off you for my 2012 Hilux, very happy with the results!
Andrew Nichol - Nichols Printing

What our customers say

I am happy with difference the Power Pedal has made for my Landcruiser 200.
Vyasa Schiemer - Director, Bluegum Mechanical

What our customers say

Our team at Diesel Care Toowoomba fitted the Steinbauer Power Module to my 200 series Landcruiser, it has provided some serious extra performance! More power is instantly on tap if and when you need it.
John Pfeffer - General Manager, Exclusive Tyre Distributors Pty Ltd

What our customers say

I just thought I’d let you know that we had good results with the STEINBAUER power module on our new 9560R John Deere. When its running it feels like a different tractor. The only problem now is I want to put one on everything!
Nick - WA

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