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Dyno Tuning & Vehicle Diagnostics

If there’s a problem others cant fix, we’ll find it!

Diesel Care provides customers with the ability to have their Diesel vehicle tested and diagnosed using state-of-the-art dynotuning equipment to simulate road conditions.

All of our 4 branches have Mainline Dynalog chassis dynamometers, they are the ultimate tools for a diesel injection specialist, allowing us to quickly and accurately diagnose faults and carefully measure power and torque output.

During Dyno Testing we can:

  • Log and store the power and torque of the vehicle
  • Simultaneously log turbo boost pressure, injection pump internal pressure, exhaust temperature, air/fuel ratio and duty cycle on a VNT turbocharger control unit
  • Can more effectively identify an issue with our customer’s vehicle from the resulting information

Full dyno-testing facilities are the ultimate machine to tune your 4WD for maximum performance and efficiency.

Dyno Tuning Test

Our diagnostic capabilities are further enhanced with specialist tools

AECS Oscilloscope Diagnostic Tool

The AECS Oscilloscope

This Scope is the most advanced and sensitive available today. It features an extremely fast capture rate that allows unparalleled analysis of the wave forms of any electronic circuit.

Denso Diagnostic Scan Tool

The Denso DST-2 Diagnostic scan tool

Perfect for Toyota vehicles, this tool allows the retrieval and clearance of ECU fault codes, capture of live data, coding of Denso Common Rail Injectors, plus a host of other functions.

Bosch Diagnostic Scan Tool

The Bosch KTS Diagnostic Scan Tool

This scan tool allows us to access the electronic control unit of the vehicle, providing essential information and helping us pinpoint a fault. It’s particularly strong on European vehicles.

Launch Diagnostic Scan Tool

The LAUNCH Diagnostic Scan Tool and the G-SCAN

These two scan tools will “talk” to practically any vehicle ECU. They fill the gaps that the previous two scan tools might leave.

Dyno Tuning Videos

play How a Dynometre is Useful Video Placeholder

See how a Dynomometre is useful for reading the power and torque of an engine

What Our Customers Say

Just a bit of an update on the Steinbauer Power Module. Very impressed with the difference to the Prado. The biggest change is to fuel consumption around town.
Peter - East Arm NT

What Our Customers Say

The customer service was outstanding and they all know their stuff. Keep up the great work!
Julie - Walgett
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