5 Micron Fuel Manager 31871 Replacement Cartridge

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Recommended Secondary (Final) 5 micron 3.6" Fuel Manager Final Filter Spare Cartridge 31871, from the FM100 Series.

5 Micron Fuel Manager cartridges can be changed without the use of tools and without spilling fuel. This video shows how easy it is to inspect and change a fuel filter.

There is a range of Fuel Manager FM100 Series primary and secondary fuel filters in different lengths and micron levels to suit a range of vehicles.

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  • Provides an effective safety net if contaminants get through the factory filter
  • The 5 micron filter effectively removes smaller abrasive particles, resulting in less wear on the pump and injectors
  • Effectively removes water if any gets through the factory filter
  • Expensive repairs are prevented
  • Protects the fuel injection system
  • Ensures cleanliness of critical engine components
  • Helps maintain engine performance and efficiency


The Fuel Manager Secondary (Final) Fuel Filter cartridge element has a membrane that collects contaminants in diesel fuel. This element should be replaced periodically but can be changed less regularly than the primary and factory filter cartridges. The recommended frequency of change is every 40,000kms or every second time you change your factory filter, whichever comes first. The exception to this rule would be if you encountered contaminated fuel, in which case you should change the filters early.

The filter bowl should be visually checked for water and drained as required on a regular basis. Neglecting to drain water accumulation in the bowl may result in water entering the fuel injection system. We recommend visually checking the bowl every 5,000km or earlier.

Please note: This 5 Micron Fuel Manager secondary fuel filter is a replacement cartridge only and is not a full fuel filter assembly. Purchase a full filter assembly separately which includes a Universal filter head, 30 Micron Filter and Water Trap Bowl with Tap (no fittings).


Diesel Care filter spanner  tool for fuel manager filter removal

– Max fuel flow (inc. return flow) 300 Litres/hour
– Particulate Filter Efficiency up to 99% @ 2 microns
– Water Separation Up to 98% efficiency

_Filter may come with drain tap (to fit bowl, remove drain tap)._

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 4.5L 1VD-FTV DPF (10/2015-Current) V8

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 4.5L 1VD-FTV Non DPF V8

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series 4.5L 1VD-FTV DPF (11/2016-Current) V8

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series 4.5L 1VD-FTV Non DPF V8

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series 3.3L V6 Twin-Turbo